October 15, 2015

Welcome to YZM USA!

We’re glad you’re here! This website is intended to serve as an international resource for those seeking to better understand, support, and advocate for the important ministry of Yezelalem Minch Children and Community Development in Ethiopia. “YZM” is an Ethiopian non-profit, non-governmental organization providing comprehensive care to over 1,500 orphaned and vulnerable children in multiple communities in and around the capital city of Addis Ababa.

There are so many ways to support and participate in the ministry of YZM, even from so far away. As the US Advisory Board for Yezelalem Minch, we wanted to provide a simple resource for our North American friends and supporters to easily find channels of support and opportunities for involvement in this life-changing ministry.

This is a grassroots effort in many ways, and it is incredible to see what God is doing. We’d want for you to be a part of the team! Please bookmark this page and sign up for our email list. We’ll do our best to keep you updated with events, activities, and ideas that will allow you to affect change in the lives of children and widows in Ethiopia.