Vocational Training College

Yezelalem Minch has long envisioned the establishment of a vocational college and training center for guardians and older students.

The Vocational College

Education is one of the most important tools in breaking the cycle of poverty. However, getting accepted into a university is extremely difficult in Ethiopia – and because of the challenges of their living situations, many of the children enrolled in Yezelalem Minch have even greater obstacles to face in the competetion for college acceptance.

Nesibu and Birtukan have long envisioned their own vocational college and training center as an additional option for YZM students who cannot go to university. This would afford both older students and guardians in the community an opportunity to learn practical skills and trades so that they can be self-sufficent and better able to provide for their families. Even though the college has not yet been established, YZM is already offering a number of training courses for some guardians and older students in the program, incuding computer skills, hair salon training, and sewing & tailoring classes.

Future Hope Campaign

The Future Hope Campaign was created with the ambitious goal of funding the establishment of the vocational college. Our first fundraising goal was set at $160,000 for the acquisition of land for college. To date, over 80% of that amount has been raised.

Currently, a local government body is in the process of providing a land grant to YZM for this purpose. This means that campaign funds will be able to go directly towards Phase 2: Development!

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