West Ottowa Love

Started by two high school seniors, West Ottowa Love is a campaign to help support Yezelalem Minch specifically in honor of the fifteen child-headed households in the program.

Aster and Aurora's Story:

“We are seniors at West Ottawa High School and we have started this fundraiser to give our peers in Ethiopia the chance for education. The aim of this project is to help support child headed families through the ministry Yezelalem Minch. Yezelalem Minch has a program to support 15 child headed families with a total of 38 children. The children in this group have lost their parents and are living in small, one room homes with the eldest child burdened with the responsibility of raising the entire family. The difficulties they face such as feeding, educating, and clothing their siblings, and cleaning and maintaining their homes are impossible for children of their age (some as young as 14). With your support, our hope is to alleviate some of their responsibilities through monetary donations.”

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